Everyone loves Mickey Mouse the wonderful iconic character for all things Disney. He brings out the child in all of us young or old. Most of us grew up loving this adorable mouse and watching all of his great adventures. Now we can all play Mickey Mouse games, either on game consoles, online or on our mobile devices.

These Top 5 Mickey Mouse games will bring you hours of fun and adventure!

Epic Mickey21) Epic Mickey2: The power of Two: This adventure game is considered one of the top games as it has Mickey Mouse and Oswald playing together in the very un-magical world of Wasteland. Oswald is the lucky rabbit and was one of the first Disney characters ever created. Wasteland is the dark side of Disneyland where all the forgotten characters and attractions end up There is no magic or color in this waste land. This is a game of discovery and creativity as Mickey and Oswald try to turn Wasteland back into a magical world with the power of the paint brush and a powerful remote control that harnesses the power of electricity that Oswald wields like a true hero.

Power of Illusion2) Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion: In this delightful Disney game, our hero Mickey Mouse must save his sweetheart Minnie and rescue other famous Disney Characters from the evil witch Mizrabel. The evil but clever witch finds herself trapped in the Wasteland (an alternate world filled with forgotten Disney characters and attractions) and wants to find a way out. All the action and adventure surrounds the Castle of Illusion as Mizrabel uses its power to drain the Disney characters of their color.

Mickey Mouse must wield his paint brush and thinner to stop this horrible plot. This game has many added features including a create your own object section. You draw an object and the game makes the object part of the 3D world you are playing in. This game has everything, action, adventure, test of skills, creativity and so much more. It is a game for any child or adult who loves to lose themselves in the world of Disney.

Mickey Mouse Space Adventure3) Mickey Mouse Space Adventure: Mickey and friends go on a treasure hunt in space; they are looking for a mystery planet and need your help to find it. First you must help Mickey build the spaceship you will be flying to all the planets. Along the way collect stars to get through the levels. Mickey friends help him fly through asteroid fields and other adventures to win this delightful Mickey Mouse game. This game is geared a little more to the younger generation but they will delight in playing this space age game.

mickey-mouse4) Where’s My Mickey? Mickey Mouse is everyone’s favorite iconic character in the world of Disney. This cute mouse has had so many adventures and in this game Mickey has so many more. You must help Mickey collect as much water as he can. He needs this water to do everything from making lemonade to putting out fires. Where’s My Mickey has 5 stages with each stage having 20 levels of game play, talk about having fun! The animation is absolutely gorgeous and the puzzles are some of the best games on any mobile device.

You need to fill Mickey’s bucket with water by sending it down the right drain pipes, but look out for the wind gusts, as well as digging through dirt and creating pathways, you may even have to add water to moving clouds. The cutest part of this game is after you solve each level you will see a small animated clip of Mickey that has to do with the level you just played. So if you love Mickey Mouse, and love adventure and puzzles, this is the perfect Disney game for you!

Castle of Illusion 25) Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse:Mickey Mouse has returned to star in this magical Disney game based off the Sega Genesis original Power of Illusion game. This iOS game brings Mickey into contact with the evil witch Mizrabel who has kidnapped Minnie Mouse. There are five wonderfully creative worlds each has their own set of levels for hours and hours of adventure. There is an enchanted forest area where players are dealing with angry tree trunks and creepy spiders, indoor areas where things like life size moving books, toy soldiers and evil toy planes confront players.

Gather your courage and strength as you help Mickey Mouse save Minnie; gather points, collect seven rainbow gems to help create a bridge to Mizrabel’s Tower and find hidden treasures to help you on your rescue mission. Each level also has a variety of Mizrabel’s evil bosses for Mickey to fight in battle. One of the great things about this game is once you get through it you can replay it and get higher scores, or find hidden treasures you missed the first time through.

This is a fantastical game for players of all ages to enjoy as they travel to and into the Castle of Illusion.


Adventure, excitement and fun await you in the wonderful land of Mickey Mouse. Disney games have fantastic graphics and great attention to details. They are full of surprises and twist and turns that will keep your family entertained for hours and hours on end and bring a smile to you faceand the face of your children. Whether it is online or on your mobile devices you will be fascinated with all of the great features of these games.

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